Social Alliance "Alliance Pro Humanity":

Right of way for humanity - time to take care of it.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, an exemplary humanitarian initiative called "Alliance Pro Humanity" was launched last year. This is a social alliance between the economy and the Rhineland-Palatinate regional association in the German Red Cross.

The mission and goal of the "Alliance Pro Humanity" is to help people in Rhineland-Palatinate who have fallen into adversity in need. Or those who are currently unable to cope with their living conditions on their own, be it because of old age, illness or disability, be it because poverty, loneliness or exclusion rob them of their breathing or joy of life. Unfortunately, the number of ours is also increasing, including a rapidly growing number of children living, growing up and suffering in the most difficult family circumstances. Not to forget the many refugees, who are searching for new home and future after most traumatising experiences with us and are also dependent on our help.

More than 200 companies with some global reputation are now among the sponsors of the alliance and support the alliance by donations in kind or by money. They face up to the current social challenges and, true to the guiding principle of the Alliance "From Me to We. To turn to one another "to contribute to more social closeness among the people of our society. Would like to set clear signs of responsibility for the social well-being of all and, by acting together, open up a positive future for people in emergency situations.

Doing good and being good today is far more than a marketing trend. Ethics and compliance have become a real consumer need today. Through involvement in the Social Alliance, every company gains in sympathy and credibility. Arouses interest, inspires customers and increases product demand. Also because the Red Cross is a brand on the side of the "Alliance Pro Humanity", which is the most famous in the world, according to current market surveys after Coca Cola.

With a commitment or sponsorship, sponsors and partners of the social alliance "Alliance Pro Humanity" benefit from the incomparable popularity, distinctive identity and authenticity of this brand. And you ultimately give people confidence and joy, for which this feeling experience has become a rarity. It's time to take care of it.

Charter of Humanity, Tolerance and Equal Opportunities

The social situation in Germany is characterized by extensive changes. The welfare state and its security systems are facing a change. The triggers are profound developments such as demographic change, socio-cultural challenges, political and economic changes as well as the consequences of globalization and digitization. In addition, millions of people are fleeing war, persecution and poverty. The integration of the refugees will be a predominant project of our society in the next few years.

We, the signatories, are actively working together to address these challenges and contribute to making our society socially inclusive and overcoming people's exclusion. In solidarity, we take on social responsibility for people in our immediate environment who can not cope with their living conditions or, for example, are in need through no fault of their own. Be it because of illness, disability, old age, difficult family structures, the incompatibility between work and family or integration barriers. While we can not resolve all the causes of many a difficult personal situation, we can respect and respect people, giving them hope and a new life perspective.

With the social alliance "Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit" we set a voluntary self-confession to the dignity of the people and a sign for a solidary society. Living humanity, tolerance, openness and equal opportunity are trendsetting for us. In this sense, we strive for a solution-oriented approach to the situations of those affected. The help of the "Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit" starts directly and concretely on site - with the aim to help immediately and in a timely manner.

The social well-being of all is a task that concerns everyone. It is time to take more care of it. That is why we want to motivate and inspire others with our commitment to develop their own ideas, to help people in need. Every help counts, whether it is monetary or through personal commitment, whether it is big or small. Because every support helps to live dignifiedly without poverty and isolation or a fresh start