It is time to do good and at the same time enjoy good things

Hammer wine donation of the Berlin Wine Trophy triggers great social commitment

The "Berlin Wine Trophy" is Germany's most important and largest international wine tasting and award.

With a spectacular wine donation, the Berlin Wine Trophy, Germany's most important and largest international wine tasting, as our new alliance partner, wants to help those in need, people, children and families who have suffered a serious fate, seriously or involuntarily marginalized our society have come to provide quick help.

Each year, winemakers, wineries and producers from all over the world put their products to the test to be judged by independent and international top judges according to the guidelines of the OIV and awarded a trophy and to be admitted to the Champions League of wines. In the future, the Berlin Trophy will donate samples of excellent wines, which were not needed in the evaluation, to Allianz Pro Menschlichkeit in order to generate money through a sale that can help people in need.

"It is time for those who have brought happiness and success to life to share with those who are on the downside. Unfortunately, even in rich Germany, that is becoming more and more of an issue, "explains Peter Antony, founder and managing partner of the German Wine Marketing GmbH (DWM) in Berlin, his exemplary commitment. The social heart of the native Moselaner has always been in favor of more support for people with disabilities, which made him a friend of the DRK social work Bernkastel-Kues. More than 600 people with disabilities are offered employment that meets their abilities and supports their potential.

Under the motto "enjoy and do good" Antony's donation is currently experiencing a veritable boom in demand. The 6-piece surprise boxes filled with the best wines from all over the world found a huge outlet, especially before Christmas, for charity auctions and sales promotions. And the echo among those who served a bottle on holiday is unanimous. Pure enthusiasm, above all because many premium wines from different growing countries usually fill the boxes: wines for the social moments of life and luxury for the palate.

Above all, customers are companies that delight employees or customers with the top-class companies and at the same time want to do good in order to give people in difficult life phases a better future. Social responsibility of companies that are well received in society. Meanwhile, many thousands of bottles of wine have changed hands.

The Berlin Wine Trophy gives the average prices of the wines contained in the surprise cartons between 5 and 165 euros per bottle. In the light of this value, what are the 30 Euros that one has to pay to help people too, for whom the joy of life has become a rarity? When do you order your surprise box?